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These eligibility requirements for funding are set by the Department for Education of the UK Government. 

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Software Engineering  

Web Development  

Data Science


▸ Python, SQL, Object Oriented 
    Programming and more


▸ Data & control structures

▸ Database programming

▸ Algorithms and machine learning

Career Options

▸ Back-End Developer

▸ Junior Software Engineer

▸ Systems and Business Analyst 


▸ Python with NumPy, pandas, 
    scikit-learn libraries and more 


▸ Probability essentials

▸ Statistics for data analysis with  

▸ Fundamentals of machine learning 

Career Options

▸ Data Engineer

▸ Junior Software Developer

▸ Machine Learning Engineer


▸ JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML,   
    and more 


▸ Build dynamic, data-driven
    websites and applications

▸ Front-end design and  

▸ JSON & Web Storage API

Career Options

▸ UX / UI Designer

▸ Full Stack Web Developer

▸ Computer Programmer 

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DevOps Engineer 

JavaScript Developer

Data Analyst

Online Coding Bootcamps are provided in Partnership with HyperionDev through an interactive online learning platform designed to provide you with 1-on-1 code review and support throughout. Course contents shown here and subject to change without prior notice and these bootcamps are reduced versions of bootcamps offered by HyperionDev and our university partners which may be advertised elsewhere. 

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HyperionDev's online coding courses are delivered in partnership with the UK Department for Education. 

Human-led code review and our deep experience, supports your ability to code. We’ll walk the journey with you - helping you achieve career-focused skills and land the tech job you deserve.

*You must be over 19 years of age, have the right to work in the UK, and be available to study from March 2023 through June 2023.

Admission is subject to an application process and final cohort applications will close on 20 February 2023.

Most popular on Linkedin 

Most popular on Linkedin

 Over the course of 16 weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to know to pivot into working full-time in Software Engineering, Web Development or Data Science.

There’s a multitude of career options in each area. You’ll emerge from the course ready to easily handle the typical responsibilities and challenges of these opportunities.


I don’t have any background in coding, IT, or computer science. Can I still apply for these online coding bootcamps?

Sure you can. Many of our students successfully switch careers to programming after taking our courses, even if they were absolutely new to programming when starting out. If your aim is to change careers, bootcamps are designed to help you achieve that from scratch.

To enrol with us, you don’t need to have a degree or prior technical background - all you need is discipline, persistence, and a willingness to work hard and learn to code.

I don’t have regular access to the Internet. Is this a problem as all of your courses are online?

Our students don't need access to the Internet everyday. Our course delivery is designed so that you can download the course material and work on your tasks offline. Once you are connected to the internet, all the work in your folder automatically gets synchronised with your mentor. Your mentor will be notified immediately and will provide timely feedback.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete the bootcamp?

Yes. You will be issued a certificate of completion from HyperionDev once you complete your bootcamp.

How much time do I need to commit to complete one of your bootcamps?

We recommend devoting an average of 15-21 hours per week to ensure you’re able to meet key milestones and keep up with the rest of the cohort. Bootcamps are by design brief, challenging, and direct routes to a new career in tech.

The final month of the bootcamp will also see the introduction of Career Services support. We’ll polish your CV, start lining up your first tech interview, and get you truly job-ready.

How do I know which coding bootcamp is right for me?

Software Engineering enables you to build dynamic, database-driven applications and sites. Deep-dive into Python: the #1 programming language in the world right now.

Web Development 
teaches JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React and more. These skills allow you to create and manage the front-end of any website. From building to styling. Creatives often choose Web Development as do aspiring web entrepreneurs.

Data Science 
prepares you for the exciting world of algorithms, data analytics and data visualisation. You’ll learn Python and get your start in Machine Learning and AI. Perfect for those seeking analytical roles.

Support to land your first tech interview

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February 2023

Application deadline